Ashdene Honeyeater Mug  RARE

Ashdene Honeyeater Mug  RARE

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Get all your needs for mugs and drinkware sorted with Ashdene range of mugs at Swirls.

Featuring native flowers and birds prints along with cute and fun designs, there is always something for everyone. The Honeyeater mug is rare & another beautiful mug made from fine bone china and comes in a matching gift box.

The helmeted honey eater is a passerine bird (perching or song bird- distinguished from other birds by the arrangement of their toes, 3 pointing forward & 1 back) in the honeyeater family

 It is a distinctive and critically endangered subspecies of the yellow-tufted honeyeater, that exists in the wild only as a tiny relict population of Victoria. in the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve. 

Country Of Origin
Made In China.
Fine Bone China