Ceramic Coasters Wine
Ceramic Coasters Wine

Ceramic Coasters Wine

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You have always dreaded the unsightly stains that cold or warm glasses and cups leave behind as it means tirelessly working at getting them stain free gain.

Say goodbye to the woes of water rings & heat and cold stains from glasses and mugs and delight the table with the amazing presence of coasters that focus on simple and stunning combination of colour and idea - this one simply praises the beauty of wine drinking.

Why not keep this handy set of four coasters that have deep navy colour that sports a beautiful idea that praises the wonder called wine and its value in our lives?

For all who believe that good life is all about enjoying a great glass of wine in the right company, here are some coasters that will ensure that your bar counters that serves the wine well also looks as delightful as the chilled glass itself. The coaster set has four pieces, square in shape, with 10 cm dimensions.

Top up your kitchen or bar counter with this wonderful set of coasters made to last through much usage affording you shiny and spotless counters and tables where you have struggled so long to keep them looking their best. 

Product Dimensions: 10x10 cm each
Product Material: Ceramic, Leather

Please Note: Imperfections may occur due to a unique, handcrafted ceramic mold.