Crystal Bracelet – Rhodonite & Rose Quartz

Crystal Bracelet – Rhodonite & Rose Quartz

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ROSE QUARTZ is the most important crystal of the heart and the Heart Chakra, teaching the true essence of love, and purifying and opening the heart at all levels. The high energy of rose quartz brings love into your life and lowers stress and soothes those around it.

It unblocks your heart chakra which is a must to attract your soulmate.

RHODONITE is known to attract a soulmate or someone who helps you learn life lessons. It encourages self-love and heals traumatic past experiences. It helps you to reclaim joy and playfulness. Rhodonite inspires a positive attitude, as well as a brave heart that is ready to express love and pursue your dreams. Rhodonite crystals reflect the Light of the heart and love and stimulate the Heart Chakra.

Please note that stone colours will vary as no two stones are the same.