Magnetic Poetry Dog Lover

Magnetic Poetry Dog Lover

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MAGNETIC POETRY KIT DOG LOVER Is your best friend cheating on you with their furry friend?

Don’t take it to heart, dogs just have that affect on people.

One second they’re your friend, and the next, they’re a puddle of goo, gazing lovingly into the eyes of another…they’re dog.

Yes, it still counts! So for the dog lover, your ‘friend’ (oh, don’t be ruff on them!), why not get them something a tad personal for their next birthday?

Show them a less revolting way to express their absolute devotion for their fluffy, adorable and obedient, friend. 

This Magnetic Poetry kit is a fantastic collection of magnetic words that you can “write” with on the fridge, or any metal surface.

 Do you know a dog lover? Great birthday gift Perfect for the family fridge.

  Did a friend brush you off for their dog?  Give them the gift of DOG LOVER Magnetic Poetry Set