Opalite Tumbled

Opalite Tumbled

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Opalite has a few different meanings – mostly spiritual. It can boost the mood in no time, and it will turn a sad face into a smile.

It has a specific shine that only a few other crystals can boost. 

Its meaning may also go in a different direction, as it defines a new beginning.

This is why it is so common for modern healers. It defines hope and youth, as well as optimism.

If you are new to the crystal world, opalite makes the perfect introduction. It is calm & gentle, but also easy to understand when compared to other stones.

The human-made glass resin is iridescent. It is normally made of two ingredients – dolomite & a metal. This kind of combo creates an opalescent design that can draw instant attention. Of course, you can also find a natural one, which is usually found in opalized volcanic ash. 

 Such stones are extremely rare, though, so most of the things you will find in commerce are man-made.

Crystal is chosen at random, price is for 1 crystal