Puntastic Puzzles - Movies 1000-piece puzzle

Puntastic Puzzles - Movies 1000-piece puzzle

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This puzzle has puns for everyone!

The anticipated third title in the best-selling Pun Puzzle series, this title features popular and classic TV shows, spanning a wide variety of genres & decades (from M*A*S*H, to Friends to Orange is the New Black).

Featuring popular & classic films spanning a wide variety of genres & decades, this jigsaw has puns for everyone.

Enjoy some solo brain-training and test your cinematic knowledge; pit yourself against friends and family, or work together for your powers combined, for hours of pun!

You will need to trawl your memory & strain your brain for associations.

Some answers will come quickly, others will be mischievously elusive, and some will be so fiendish that they’ll be laugh-out-loud satisfying when you arrive at that ultimate eureka moment! 

If you need a hint, there is an envelope within that contains a list of all the films contained within the puzzle.

When you are at your wit’s end, the other side reveals a diagrammatic key of the answers so they you can enjoy the forehead-slapping groan as each pun is revealed. 
You’ll never want the pun to stop! How many can you find? 

1000 puzzle pieces
1 answer sheet