Scullery Fresh Prep Vegetable Push Chopper
Scullery Fresh Prep Vegetable Push Chopper

Scullery Fresh Prep Vegetable Push Chopper

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Prep your fruits and veggies in seconds to suit a variety of meals and recipes using the Scullery Fresh Prep Vegetable Push Chopper.

This convenient and ergonomically designed gadget includes 3 blade inserts made with super-sharp stainless steel and can dice a variety of soft and semi-soft fruits and vegetables like onions, cucumber, tomato, apples, strawberries, and more or slice mushrooms, bananas, and even boiled eggs to create yummy garnishes and toppings with a Snap! 

Product Features and Benefits

  • 5 Piece set includes chopper with clear collection base, cleaning tool, 2 dicing blades and a garnish slicing blade

  • Made using food safe plastics and steel - it's lightweight, durable, BPA free and super sharp!

  • Easy to operate push function enables you to slice fruits and veggies in an instant

  • Ideal for preparing uniform slices of mushrooms, bananas, apples, onions, garlic, boiled eggs and more!

  • Specially designed cleaning tool gets in between the chopper grid to easily remove food debris

  • Integrated container effectively collects chopped foods, leaving almost no mess behind

  • Easy to clean - scrub with a soft bristled brush or pop in the dishwasher

Made with BPA free materials, the Scullery Fresh Prep Push Chopper has an easy to use push function and is fitted with a clear collection container to ensure your counters stay mess-free.

Even easier to clean, scrape leftover debris from the chopper using the specially designed rake tool and pop your push chopper in the dishwasher.